Top 10 Gazebo Kits

You are viewing the top 10 gazebo kits based on consumer reviews and top selling items from online merchants

In most instances Gazebo designs can be made to order. Simply choose your gazebo style and materials.
Cabanas are available in kit form ready for you to erect or fully Assembled.

Learn How To put up your very own Gazebo and what materials to use

I don’t know about you but I find that having a Gazebo in the garden not only provides a restful place to sit and contemplate the birds and the flowers in the surrounding area, it is a haven in a busy life. I love spending time on a balmy summer evening just sitting for a short time with a book and a cup of tea or glass of wine, before diving into the task of cooking the evening meal and all the other rituals that tend to dominate our daily life.

Because gazebos come in a wide range of styles and shapes we took on the task of researching the most popular styles leaving you time to choose one that is just right for you and your garden setting.

#1. Double Roof  Rectangle Gazebo

Elegant in style.

Also available with a single roof.

The Rectangle Gazebo is available in Red Cedar, Treated Pine and Heavy Duty Vinyl

Available in a number of sizes, the more popular sizes are the 12 X 12 Vinyl Rectangular Gazebo and the 10 x 20 Treated Pine Gazebo.

#2 Dodecagon Gazebo

Elegant and practical.

Also available with a single roof.

The Dodecagon Gazebo  is available in Red Cedar, Treated Pine and Heavy Duty Vinyl.

#3 Vinyl Hexagon Gazebos
Available in sizes 8′,10′, 12′ and 14′

Made with gray composite decking

Round fluted columns

White Vinyl

The most popular size is the 10′ Belle Roof  Hexagon Gazebo

#4  Octagon Gazebo

Available in sizes 10′, 12′ 14′ 16′ 18′ 20′ 22′ 24′ 26′ 28′  and 30′

Also available with a single roof.

The Octagon Gazebo is available in Red Cedar, Treated Pine and Heavy Duty Vinyl.

Most popular sizes of the Octagon Gazebo’s are the 10″ and 12′ Red Cedar, 14′ Vinyl and the 20′ Treated Pine

#5 Elongated Hexagon Gazebo

Imagine basking in the evening glow of a fading sunset, sipping a glass of wine or just indulging in a hot tea or coffee while sitting in your Elongated Hexago Gazebo.

The Gazebo has round fluted colums
White vinyl ceiling
Architectural Shingles

Available in a range of sizes, the most popular sized Elongated Hexagon Gazebo is the 12′ x 20′., large enough for most people’s entertaining needs.

#6 Cabana

Cabana’s are available in a number of styles similar to the Gazebo’s such as Octagon, Rectangle, Hexagon and Elongated Hexagon; and Cabana’s come in a range of sizes.

They are available in Red Cedar, Dura-Temp (heavy duty, plywood based siding material) and Vinyl

#7 Pool Houses

What better way to finish off the pool area than with a stunning pool house.

Pool Houses are available in rectangular, hexagon and elongated hexagon styles.

Available in Dura-Temp siding, Pine and Vinyl siding.

#8 Pergola

Ideal to show off trailing Roses and Wisteria, a Pergola makes a picturesque addition to the garden. And just fabulous as when dressed and used as a wedding setting.

Pergola’s are available in Treated Pine, Vinyl, Red Cedar and Fiberglass.

There are a number of sizes available and a great range of exquisite styles.

#9 Barzebo

The DC America Barzebo has a vented top.

It is made from 100% polyester; and it comes with two bar stools.
 The color is beige and it measures  79″ x 79″ x 100″ outer post to outer post


#10 Octagonal Wedding Party Gazebo

The Octagonal Wedding or Party Gazebo is made with a high quality rust and corrosion powder coated steel frame.

There are 6 window style, removable sidewalls.

The canopy fabric is made from  polyester and has PVC coated waterproof.

The gazebo measures 22′ X 16′ x11’H ( at the peak) and is 6.5’H at the sides.


 Design and Build Your Outdoor Gazebo

So you have decided to build your own gazebo to add to your outdoor entertaining pleasure. That’s the first step.
Fortunately these days gazebo kits are available to cater for just about every design you could wish for in a gazebo.

Now that you have taken the initial step, you need to decide what type of gazebo you are going to build, and this will involve lots of thought and discussion about options


This will be one of the first things you need to consider. There’s not much use in designing a beautiful elongated hexagon gazebo if you only have room for a small octagon gazebo.  So the size will depend entirely on the room you have available.


Now that you know how much room you have you will want to decide on a style. This is all a matter of personal preference.  Do you want an octagon, oval, rectangle, square, hexagon or an elongated hexagon; or maybe a do-decagon shaped gazebo?


Red Cedar Gazebos
Do you want you gazebo to be built from wood, then red cedar is the best choice. Red Cedar has a rich texture, it’s fragrant and it’s resistant to insect attack and decay.

If you don’t stain it then it will weather into a lustrous silver patina. But you can stain or seal it to keep your cedar gazebo looking beautiful for many years.

Treated Pine Gazebos

A gazebo constructed from #1 grade treated pine is an alternative to cedar. The wood should have been treated against termite damage and fungal decay. Pine gazebo’s are an economical option.

Vinyl Gazebos
Would you prefer a vinyl gazebo. These are generally made from #1 grade treated pine with heavy duty vinyl sleeves to protect the pine posts, rails and braces.  The beauty of vinyl is that apart from looking attractive, it is hard wearing and virtually maintenance free. It never needs painting or staining.


Now you need to decide which of the following options you want for your gazebo. This includes thinking about things such as:

Do you want a cedar deck, composite deck, treated pine deck or maybe no deck at all.
Roof Design, Screens, Railings,  Additional door, post base trim etc.

There are just so many options that you can add to enhance the look of your gazebo.