If you’ve decided to add a gazebo to your backyard you have a couple different choices on how to proceed. If you’re the handy type that wants to build everything from scratch and have a fully custom gazebo then you’ll just need a plan. If you don’t feel like spending a few weeks building then go for a kit. Here are a few tips of gazebo kits vs. gazebo plans.

Gazebo plans are a blueprint. Just a detailed sketch of what you need to get the job done.  A good set of plans will include all the information you need to shop for supplies. It will include all the board lengths and attachment points.  With a good set of plans you can build to any sort of design you decide to draw out.

Gazebo kits are a whole different animal. They don’t take nearly the know how of a set of plans. You can have one delivered and put it up in an afternoon or two. The benefits are certainly that it’s easier to build. It will come in preformed sections that can be just snapped together. It sure beats having to hammer in thousands of nails.

Another benefit is the cost. A self contained kit is going to be much cheaper than buying all the lumber and hardware. The kit comes with instructions for assembling it. That’s much easier to work with than a plan if you don’t have the know how.

GazeboCreations have an  online Wizard  that makes designing your Gazebo easy. You can play around with gazebo shapes and sizes until you find one that is just right for you ! Try it Today!

These are the main differences between gazebo kits and gazebo plans. It all boils down to how much time you want to invest in a backyard project. With a plan you can build something that exactly suits your tastes while a kit gives you the option of a quick assembly. Whichever you choose you’re sure to have a great addition to the backyard that will provide joy for years to come

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