#1 Fifthroom Markets

Providers of first quality, beautifully designed, pre-cut gazebo kits.

Shop Fifthroom Martkets.com Today!Fifthroom Markets make it easy to choose your gazebo kit by size, style and material. They also supply Pergolas, pool houses,cabanas & more to suit your budget.You will also find help with site preparation.

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#2 Amazon

One of the best places to shop for Gazebos online

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers and has a great range of products include gazebo kits, canopies and replacement canopies. If you are having a wedding check out their wedding canopies and tents.

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#3 Garden.com

Garden.com has pre-cut gazebos in a range of styles and prices.

Garden.com have pre-cut gazebos, pergolas and other garden structures in a range of great looking styles with prices to suit your budget. Having an outdoor area to entertain is ideal and these kits include everything you need to assemble them.

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A Guide to Barzebos (gazebos)

What to Look For When Buying a Barzebo
Where to Get the Best Price


What the heck is a Barzebo? Simply put it’s a gazebo that has a bar built into it. Barzebos offer a great outdoor sitting area with the added luxury of a place to serve up some ice cold drinks.  You won’t have to worry about sitting out and getting baked in the sun with a barzebo! You’re kept cool and refreshed.

So what should you look for when trying to find a barzebo?  Read on for a handy dandy guide to barzebos.


A barzebo can be as elaborate as your wallet is thick. You can have one custom built in your back yard or head to a department store and pick up a collapsible plastic one.


What does a barzebo look like?  Once again style is up to you. You can find decorative metal ones that just look like an outdoor awning with a table bolted between two of the support legs. Or you can have a fully screened in unit with a bar area on one side and a guest area on the other.

In fact barzebos are meant to be portable. They typically refer to a collapsible piece of lawn furniture you can take with you. Imagine how much fun having one of these at the beach would be. You can set up and be making Mai Tai’s in no time.

Set Up

  • How does a barzebo set up? Simple!
  • Unfold the legs of the barzebo.
  • Stretch the roof, normally a type of tarp, between the legs.
  • Stand the entire unit up.
  • Attach the bar part between two of the barzebo legs.
  • Anchor the corners of the barzebo so any gusts of wind won’t blow it away.

All that’s left to do is bring in a few coolers filled with your favorite beverages and start serving drinks to friends and family.

Where to Find Barzebos Online

Barzebos are not that easy to find. Amazon regularly have them in stock but they go out of stock just as quickly. So if you see one in stock on Amazon and it is the one you are after then we suggest that you don’t think about it for too long.


DC America 8′ X 8′ Barzebo Pavilion with Two Bar Stools


Available from Amazon.com

What to Look For When Buying a Gazebo

A gazebo makes a beautiful and practical addition to your outdoor living area. Use it as a place to entertain friends on a beautiful summer evening, or as an oasis of serenity in your own home where you can slip away to read, soak in the sun, or have a quiet chat. Here are some tips on what to look for when buying a gazebo that will fit your needs and be a joy to your family for years to come.

Learn How To put up your very own Gazebo and what materials to use.
1. The Gazebo Fits Your Outdoor Area

Before you take steps toward buying a gazebo, you want to decide how much room that you have to devote to it. Pick your location – will it go near the pool, under some shady trees, or be set into your porch? Remember that a flat, level ground surface is important to a stable foundation. It’s a good idea to block off the area where you intend to build the gazebo with stakes and string so you can ensure that it doesn’t obstruct any necessary paths or prevent your family from enjoying outdoor games and activities.

2. Gazebo is in Proportion to Your Home

Next, you’ll want to consider how the gazebo will look compared to your home. A gazebo that is too large will look out of place next to your house. One that is too small will seem dwarfed in comparison to your home.

3. Gazebo Large Enough for Your Purposes

How you intend to use your gazebo is another important factor when choosing a size. Are you intending to use it for weddings or large dinner parties? Maybe you want your gazebo to provide privacy for a hot tub or a changing room for your pool? Or perhaps you just want a cozy area for reading and unwinding. Your decision can help you decide how large a gazebo you need.

4. Style Fits Your Personal Preferences

People oftentimes think of a gazebo as offering only the classical octagonal, Victorian style. However, gazebos actually come in a wide range of looks, from wire frames that can support flowering trellises to Polynesian styles that look perfect on a beach setting or outfitted as a Tiki bar. Discover the look that calls to your own personal sense of style.

5. Gazebo’s Style Matches the Setting

The placement of your gazebo will also help determine the style that looks best on your property. A gazebo overlooking a lake or beach calls for a different style than one placed in the midst of an English garden.

6. Additional Features for Your Gazebo

When considering your gazebo’s use and style, you’ll also want to think about which extra features are important to you. Would you like to have screens that keep out insects? Is privacy an important issue? What about having a trellis for climbing flowers, large windows for sunlight, or a garden swing for extra relaxation? Thinking about the extra features you really want in your gazebo will help you pick the perfect model for your home.

7. Gazebo is Made from Appropriate Material

Selecting high-quality material will ensure that your gazebo will last for years to come. This is especially true for challenging environments, like the corrosive salt air of a beachfront property or locations with a lot of rain or harsh winters. Consider the environment when choosing your gazebo, and ensure that you receive high-quality treated lumber that is resistant to weather and insects if you use wooden materials.

8. Gazebo Offers Easy Assembly

Unless you are hiring someone to install your gazebo for you, you’ll want to purchase a kit that is easy to assemble. A gazebo kit can save you thousands of dollars when compared to hiring someone to build your gazebo, but you want to ensure that you can put it together quickly and easily, without unnecessary hassle.

9. Gazebo Receives a High Rating from Other Buyers

One of the best ways to decide whether a gazebo is worth the money, if it’s built to last, and if it is easy to assemble before you try it yourself is to read about the experiences that other people who have bought that model of gazebo have had. Customer reviews and opinions can help you narrow down your choices and weed out mistakes that could otherwise be costly.

10. Gazebo’s Price is Right

Finally, you’ll want to ensure that the gazebo fits your budget. In order to do this, you’ll want to focus on the most important features, cut costs where you can, and shop carefully for the best prices. For example, building the gazebo yourself from a kit allows you to have more features and higher quality for the same price when compared to hiring a craftsman to custom-build and install one for you.

A gazebo adds to the beauty, the grace, and the functionality of your home at a fraction of the cost of most home additions. Why not start shopping for your perfect gazebo today?

Garden Accessories – Pergolas Make An Ideal Addition To Your Backyard!

Spring is the time to get out some lawn chairs, a table as well and maybe a soft hammock is a nice way to give you a backyard space to sit or relax outdoors when the sun is shining, skies areblue and we can indulge in what we call ‘summer fun’. At the other end of the spectrum some choose to have stone fireplaces, water features, covered patio areas with expensive lawn furnishings and have really taken the idea of an outdoor room to the next level. There is however some middle ground that may suit your budget and needs while still affording you a defined space that adds charm and value to your landscaping. Accents in the way of garden structures like a wooden pergola can create a simple, very attractive outdoor space giving your garden a focal point and giving your setting an intimate feel.

Turn your back yard from a blank slate to a relaxed setting with a simple architectural highlights designed to suit the size and feel of your outdoor space. Garden structures like the pergola can be virtually any size and you can use some simple pergola plans to create one that will work beauitfully. There are no solid walls, but you are creating a feel by framing a space to give the feel of a cozy room. The wood frame will make a perfect brace if you decide to drape some attractive fabric from it, hang up blinds to block the intense sun, potted plants or hang a chandelier that holds tea lights or candles and have a dining area to enjoy. You can also take some material either opaque or translucent to put a roof on it to stop the rain, protect from the sun and still enjoy it on a drizzly day. With the cover on top, or even over a portion of it you can set up your grill to cook outdoors rain or shine. Add some more character by building in benches and a trellis to make the framework more defined and the lush leaves and flowers are like wallpaper provided by nature.

The pergola is a garden structure with an open frame that opens up possibilities to decorating, gardening and your design taste. The design and steps to build are quite simple and can be fairly inexpensive. This garden structure can work to connect your home with the back yard or if you choose it can also be a completely separate space all together. Adding climbing vines or soft fabrics will give you some diffused sunlight and really work to enhance that intimate setting. Convert that blank canvas of a yard simply and easily with the construction of a pergola, a garden structure that can serve to frame out that new family room in the back yard.

A White Wedding Arbor to Make Your Day Magical

White Wedding Arbor

A garden wedding held under a dressed arbor creates a magical moment for your special day.


There are a number of beautiful white wedding arbors available that will make you wedding ceremony an event to remember.

With an outdoor wedding one of the things that you need to have is a beautiful arbor for the bride and groom to stand under as they are united in holy matrimony.

When it comes to getting married outdoors surrounded by the beauty of nature, not much can set the scene better than a elegantly decorated white wedding arbor.

There are a number of wedding arbors available with a strong and sophisticated architectural build that will give you enough space for the  ceremony  to be performed without the happy couple feeling cramped.

The majority of arbors allow for vines of to be grown up the sides and across the top to create the green and flowered effect that everyone wants for the perfect outdoor wedding setting.

And just think of the memories you will create if you place an arbor in your own garden setting to get married under.  Not only will you have the perfect place for your marriage ceremony but you will also be able to share an anniversary kiss each year as you stand beneath your wedding arbor.

You will find that most arbors the roof decoration can be altered so that it will accommodate fabric, thus making it suitable to use as a small chuppah for use in Jewish ceremonies.

There is a choice in both timber and vinyl. A vinyl arbor is weather resistant, so you can set it up and leave it to enjoy for decades to come.  Vinyl tends to be maintenance free.

However wood can be kept looking lovely with the use of a wood cleaner and the occasional touch up with some paint.

Check out the range of beautiful white wedding arbors that will help to make your day magical.

Sonoma Pergolas add Privacy and Practicality to a Garden Setting

What could possibly be more relaxing than sitting back sipping a cold beer, wine or just a soft drink after an exhausting day working. It doesn’t matter whether you go out to work or work at home both are equally taxing and so being able to sit outdoors for a few moments savoring the days end before starting the evening’s chores, is often a welcome relief.

And what better way to spend the time, in your own garden, under a stylish pergola.

Pergolas are available in many styles and types but my particular favorite is one that has the wall on one side that provides privacy and gives you protection from the elements .

Just look at the one pictured above, what a great place to entertain your family and friends.

The Sonoma Arched Cedar Pergola shown above has a covered in roof, but you can have a lattice shade roof if you want to grow vines, wisteria or have climbing roses trailing over the lattice work. Imagine growing grapes and being able to pick and eat them fresh of the vine when they are ready. The vines will eventually fill in the lattice work giving you natural protection from the elements.

Sonoma pergolas are made from white Cedar wood which is then dip stained before being precision cut. It is recommended that you re -stain your cedar pergola every 2 to 3 years.

There is a 1 year warranty on the exterior finish and a 3 year structural warranty on Sonoma pergolas.

The beautiful Redwood Finish pergola shown includes the anchor system and comes ready to assemble. Assembly requires 2 people with moderate ability. The 4 panel window privacy screen is an optional extra, but well worth the money to give your pergola that cozy, private feel.

And the Redwood Finish Stucco Bases (2 per carton) add a style and elegance to the overall Pergola design.

This is one pergola that is going to get you plenty of compliments.

Bug Proof Coleman Screen Shelter Gazebo

With the beautiful, balmy summer nights finally arriving, its time to entertain outdoors.

But I find that as the sun goes down, out come the mosquitoes. So there you are settled down with a cool drink, in your favorite lounger slapping away at the mossies. Or you have to burn citronella lamps or slap on the repellent, neither of which smell the best.

Well not any more. The Coleman Instant Screened Shelter  is absolutely ideal for lounging around in the great outdoors and keeping you protected from the bugs

It is so fast and easy to put up because of the Coleman InstaClip construction and the 5 shock corded poles that keep the tent fabric nice and taut.

But not only is this shelter simple to put up it  has a center hub and windstrong system so that the frame is locked into place giving the shelter the strength to stand up to windy conditions, so you can still stay outside comfortably even when summer breezes pick up. This resistance to wind is also helped by the guy lines that also give the shelter added stability.

Now some of the other features of this screen shelter is that it  is made from a durable polyester taffeta thas a 450 millimeter water resistant PU coating that is also is CPAI-84 flame resistance compliance. It has roof vents for airflow, two large doors, non-wicking threads and zippers, a hanging pocket organizer  that conveniently holds all those small items and it all comes in a handy storage bag that keeps everything together.

The shelter measures 15′ x 13′ and has a 7’4″ center height so there is plenty of headroom and space to move around in.

What’s in the Box?

Coleman screen shelter, guy-lines, stakes, storage bag

Manufacturer’s Warranty

There is a limited three-year warranty

So don’t waste anymore time,check out the range of Coleman Shelters
to claim your backyard experience back from the mozzies and entertain in style.


The Different Types of Gazebos Available For Your Home


When you want to sit out in your backyard but avoid the elements go gazebo. There are all sorts of different styles and models available to you. You can find everything from an inexpensive do it yourself kit up through elaborate plans that will require a contractor to build it for you. You’ll be able to find the exact the style, construction, and amenities to fit your budget.

To give you a good idea of what all is out there here are a few of the different types of gazebos:

Portable Gazebo:

  • For the budget conscious you can find portable gazebos that set up and disassemble in a matter of minutes.  If you aren’t sure exactly what you are looking for a portable gazebo is a good choice to get you started to see if you like the look in your backyard.

Do it Yourself Gazebo Kit:

  • Another option  is a do it yourself kit. These come with all the parts and pieces you need to assemble a gazebo over a long weekend. It’s similar to building an outdoor shed.  You will need to  put down a footing for the kit to sit on. Grab a helper, and start putting it together. Kits are available for a few hundred dollars and  you can  Learn How To put up your very own Gazebo and what materials to use at GazeboCreations.com.

Ready Made Gazebo Kit:

  • Then there is the ready-made gazebo which comes completely assembled. The company will just deliver it to your back yard and set everything up. Expect to pay a couple grand for one of these.

Design Your Own:

  • Finally you can go wild and design your own with the help of a contractor. The sky is the limit when it comes to features. You can build anything that your budget will allow.  GazeboCreations.com allows you to create the Gazebo of Your Dreams! using their Gazebo Wizard.

The Benefits of a Gazebo in Your Back Garden Entertainment Area

Suncast 12' x 12' Double Roof GazeboA gazebo is great. There aren’t too many items that add as much joy or value to a backyard. They can be tucked away in a corner of the garden as a romantic sitting spot. Or your gazebo can serve as a great gathering place for friends and family when you have a barbecue. You won’t have to worry about pesky mosquitoes or flies if you have a screened in gazebo. The benefits of a gazebo are numerous. Here are just a few of them.

Great all year round:

It doesn’t matter if it’s raining snowy or sunny out you can sit in a gazebo completely protected from the elements. You can enjoy your backyard all year around. Sure a gazebo might get chilly in the dead of winter but you can just put a propane heater inside and stay nice and toasty warm and enjoy the beauty of fresh snowfall.  In the heat of summer you have a nice shaded place to laze about on a steamy august day.

Home Value:

A gazebo adds value to your home. If you are looking to sell your house you need something to stand out in this tough seller’s market. A gazebo can help set you apart from everyone else trying to sell their home. It’s an added piece of value a buyer will consider as a plus to the property.



A gazebo is a natural place to gather with a group of friends and family. You can dine outside, have a backyard party or for those romantic times cuddle outside with your loved one.

These are just a few of the benefits of owning a gazebo.  All that’s left for you to do is shop around and figure out the style price and type of material you want. You can find everything from natural wood to PVC. There’s a choice to fit every yard, garden and budget.

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