#1 Fifthroom Markets

Providers of first quality, beautifully designed, pre-cut gazebo kits.

Shop Fifthroom Martkets.com Today!Fifthroom Markets make it easy to choose your gazebo kit by size, style and material. They also supply Pergolas, pool houses,cabanas & more to suit your budget.You will also find help with site preparation.

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#2 Amazon

One of the best places to shop for Gazebos online

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers and has a great range of products include gazebo kits, canopies and replacement canopies. If you are having a wedding check out their wedding canopies and tents.

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#3 Garden.com

Garden.com has pre-cut gazebos in a range of styles and prices.

Garden.com have pre-cut gazebos, pergolas and other garden structures in a range of great looking styles with prices to suit your budget. Having an outdoor area to entertain is ideal and these kits include everything you need to assemble them.

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A Guide to Hot Tub Gazebos

Easy-build-square-gazeboIf you are thinking of putting a hot tub in your back yard you may wonder what is the wisest way to do it. You don’t want to be fishing a lot of leaves and bugs out of your hot tub every day. You may even want to have it look like a special outdoor room in your home. To this end you may want to choose a hot tub Gazebo to put your hot tub in.

There are different kinds of hot tub gazebos that you can choose from for your yard. Here is a look at the options:

  • Privacy – If you really want to feel like you can enjoy your hot tub time without anyone watching, you may want to look for a privacy hot tub gazebo to use in your home. This type of gazebo will completely enclose your hot tub and in many cases will also be dark enough in color that people cannot see in. Many of the enclosures have windows that can be tinted so you can see out, but people on the outside cannot see in.
  • Pavilion – If you don’t want a lot of privacy but would like protection form the sun and fallen leaves, you may want a pavilion gazebo to put over your hot tub. A Pavillion Gazebo has a roof and four corner pillars. The roof will keep the sun and leaves from getting in your way and still let you enjoy the nice air of the outdoors.
  • Open Air – An open-air gazebo would be a great way to accent your hot tub. Most open-air gazebos have a number of lattice panels that are used as a decorative way to dress up your pavilion. You can grow plants and vines along the panels to beautify your outdoor hot tub area.

Gazebo Kits vs. Gazebo Plans

If you’ve decided to add a gazebo to your backyard you have a couple different choices on how to proceed. If you’re the handy type that wants to build everything from scratch and have a fully custom gazebo then you’ll just need a plan. If you don’t feel like spending a few weeks building then go for a kit. Here are a few tips of gazebo kits vs. gazebo plans.

Gazebo plans are a blueprint. Just a detailed sketch of what you need to get the job done.  A good set of plans will include all the information you need to shop for supplies. It will include all the board lengths and attachment points.  With a good set of plans you can build to any sort of design you decide to draw out.

Gazebo kits are a whole different animal. They don’t take nearly the know how of a set of plans. You can have one delivered and put it up in an afternoon or two. The benefits are certainly that it’s easier to build. It will come in preformed sections that can be just snapped together. It sure beats having to hammer in thousands of nails.

Another benefit is the cost. A self contained kit is going to be much cheaper than buying all the lumber and hardware. The kit comes with instructions for assembling it. That’s much easier to work with than a plan if you don’t have the know how.

GazeboCreations have an  online Wizard  that makes designing your Gazebo easy. You can play around with gazebo shapes and sizes until you find one that is just right for you ! Try it Today!

These are the main differences between gazebo kits and gazebo plans. It all boils down to how much time you want to invest in a backyard project. With a plan you can build something that exactly suits your tastes while a kit gives you the option of a quick assembly. Whichever you choose you’re sure to have a great addition to the backyard that will provide joy for years to come

Replacement Canopy Tops for DC America Barzebos

barzebo-replacement-canopyReplacement canopies for your Barzebo are hard to come by.

My advice is that when they become available on Amazon – don’t hesitate to purchase one. We find that these products tend to sell out very quickly.

The canopy can deteriorate over time however,  a replacement canopy will give your Barzebo a new lease of life, and if treated with a sealant and stored during the winter months it will give last longer and continue giving you many years of outdoor enjoyment.


Barzebo Replacement Canopy Tops

replacement-canopy-top-for-dc-america-barzebo Replacement Canopy top For 8 X 8 DC American Barzebo

This replacement canopy is a single tier with a vented top.




This replacement canopy will fit a  barzebo measuring 6.5′ x6.5

Barzebo’s – the Next Generation Gazebo

barzeboThe Barzebo is the latest ‘must have’ for anyone who loves outdoor entertaining. If you’ve started to see the word ‘Barzebo’ around and thought it was a typo, here’s a run down on the whole Gazebo/Barzebo  phenomenon.

Gazebos came first…

A gazebo is a roofed, open sided structure, often octagonal in shape. Their main function was (and still is) to provide shade from the sun or rain and a place to rest awhile. They were very popular in public parks and large gazebos were often called bandstands. Gazebos aren’t a new thing. They have received mentions in the ancient literature of many classical civilizations including China and Persia.

Having a gazebo quickly became a sign of a person’s wealth or social standing. George Washington had a small octagonal one. Thomas Jefferson intended to build three, all in different styles but only managed to complete one.

Gazebos were also called pavilions or summerhouses – although nowadays, summerhouses tend to have at least three closed-in sides and are often like little garden cottages.

Why is it called a gazebo?

The odd sounding word ‘gazebo’ has several possible explanations although no one knows the true origin of it. Some say it is derived from the French “Que c’est beau” which means “How beautiful!”

Others say it is from Macaronic Latin – a form of language that was used throughout Europe during the Middle Ages. It used Latin combined with the native language of whichever country it was spoken in. The Macaronic Latin word was gazebo and it commonly meant “I shall gaze” – the gazebo being a place of rest and contemplation.

Gazebos were very often used in the Middle Ages. The simplest form was a cloth stretched between four poles and carried by four servants to protect a noble person or dignitary from the sun or rain. Tournaments always featured a structured gazebo from whence the high-born could observe the festivities.

Then there was the Barzebo…

A Barzebo is simply a gazebo with a bar for serving drinks. The Barzebo is strong once constructed but it is also portable. This is extremely useful as it can be constructed in one place and then easily taken down and set up somewhere else. The bar is an integral part of the structure and is joined on to two or more adjacent panels for support. This gives it good structural stability.

Like a gazebo, a Barzebo has a roof, often a water resistant canopy which attaches to the structural frame. Some have two tiers for extra protection.

The bar area often features glass and bottle holders to keep supplies organized. Some have a separate glass top which sits on the bar surface for easy cleaning and maintenance. Most Barzebos come with at least two and often three bar stools, which most commonly have sling style seats.

They vary in size but a popular size is around 6 to 7 feet square of internal space. Price also varies according to the size, materials and ‘extras’ but for one of that size, you’d be parting with around $400. Be careful to check on the delivery cost too as these can be quite hefty. As always, shop around for the best deal.

If you live in a sunny climate and frequently entertain outdoors, a Barzebo will be a very good investment and will certainly impress your guests!

Click here to buy the D.C. America 8×8 Column Barzebo Pavilion with 2 Bar Stools in Bronze/Beige (pictured above)

Taylor Made Products Easy-Up Gazebo Canopy Shade Top For Pontoon Boats


For anyone who has a pontoon boat you know how hot it can become while you are fishing or simply relaxing.

This is where a Taylor Made Products Easy-Up Gazebo Shade Top comes in handy.

An Easy Up Gazebo is a really  quick and easy way to give yourself and your fishing buddies some additional shaded area while out on your pontoon boat.

These shades are manufactured from hot shot marine grade polyester fabric, which it both strong and lightweight making it easy to handle.

The shade is fits over a fiberglass pole frame which can be broken down for easy storage.

The Easy Up top fits boats that 96″ and 102″ in width and it extends out giving you 8′ of coverage.

Included in the packagage is:

  • the shade
  • frame
  • hardware
  • storage bag

So make sure you are ready for the summer fun and relaxation days by getting your Taylor Made Easy Up Shade for your pontoon boat.


Things to Consider When Building a Gazebo

As spring arrives many people are looking to their back yards and thinking of the things they would like to do to make this more of a great entertaining space. One of the top answers to this question is to add a gazebo where you can sit and enjoy the outdoors.

But before you start building and setting up a backyard escape, there are some things you need to consider when building a gazebo:


Many cities and counties have strict rules about what structures can be put up in the back yard. Before you even consider making a purchase, you should make sure that whatever type of structure you are going to erect is within building codes of your area. Knowing what the city approves may impact your decision on what to buy.


Before you even look at a set of  gazebo plans you need to decide  just how much space in your yard you want to allocate to your gazebo, and measure that space. Make sure to keep the plans you are looking at within that size range. Plan your ideal gazebo using this online Wizard which makes it easy! Try it Today!


Gazebos come in a variety of shapes and if you have a wide-open back yard any of them may do. But if you have space constraints consider what shape will give you the most usable space without feeling too cramped.


How are you going to be using your gazebo? During the day will you need to make sure it is well shaded on the top or the sides? If you are planning on using it at night do you need to make sure it has mosquito netting to help you avoid the bugs getting in as you  enjoy your time spent outside?

Skill Level

While anything looks great in a picture, if you are going to have to build the gazebo make sure you are sure you fully understand the instructions and that you have the necessary skill level required to construct it.  An experience builder or handyman will be able to constuct a gazebo from scratch, the rest of us are probably better off purchasing a Gazebo Kits or Fully Assembled Gazebo and getting the family and friends in for the day to help put it together.

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