cabana_featuredjavascript:;What is a cabana? It brings up images of tropical sunsets and fruity drinks.  Simply put a cabana is just a poolside or beachside tent. They come in all shapes and sizes from permanent fixtures to ones that you can fold up and put away once summer is over.

Let’s look at permanent cabanas first.  A permanent cabana is mainly an outdoor changing room. It can be built out of any material. You can buy a kit set  for a structure that can be as simple or as elaborate as you want.  You can even even create your own design for a Custom Cabana to enjoy leisure time in.

A simple cabana can just be a small room where all you need to do is hang a piece of cloth for privacy and you’ll have a convenient place to change or relax.  You can close it off when putting on the swim suit or leave it open as a place to relax and have a drink while getting some much needed shade on a hot summer day. These aren’t typical for the average home but quite popular at beachside resorts and around hotel pools.

texsport-deluxe-camp-shower-shelter-comboA storable cabana is probably a much better option for the home.  And it is also something you can take to the beach or camping.

You can put it up in the summer and take it down once the weather starts to cool off. It sets up much the same way as an outdoor canopy. Just set up the frame and awning and close the drapes when you need privacy.

One word of warning with a temporary set up though is to make sure it’s secured or taken down if you get any gusty wind. You don’t want the whole thing sailing off to the neighbor’s yard on a blustery day.

A cabana is a great little cabin idea for any home. It sure beats having to trudge back and forth from the house to the pool dripping water the entire way. A cabana can add a bit of style to any home.

So what is a Cabana? Simple, it’s a nice quiet cozy room that you can use for changing, relaxing or just enjoying that fruity drink  out of the sun, in the middle of the day.