There is nothing more satisfying than building something yourself from scratch. Seeing it grow and develop can be hard work and may even cause a few frustrations but when you finally add the final touch and stand back to survey your work you know that it was all worth the effort.

Building your own gazebo can give you a wonderful sense of satisfaction and provide a beautiful addition to your garden. Just imagine sitting around the table, sipping wine at your next barbeque as your friends marvel over your new gazebo and your talents when you can tell them that you built it with your bare hands.

I remember when I was a child and my father decided we needed a gazebo in our backyard. My brothers at the time were big and strong enough to work on it and we also had the neighbours over to lend a hand.

With all the help it didn’t take too long to get the gazebo up but I do remember that the planning beforehand was a bit of an event. There were so many things to think of including what roofing to use, what timber to use, how big it needed to be to accommodate the number of people my parents wanted to entertain in it and did we want a square, octagonal or rectangular gazebo. So many questions that could have easily been answered if they had followed a gazebo plan or at least some sort of design.

So since this site is about gazebos I decided to scour the internet looking for some gazebo plans and designs to make the whole process a little easier and I came up with the following:

Gazebo In A Box Do It Yourself Starter Kit

The Gazebo in a Box is an easy way to create your own gazebo. Basically, it provides you with a plan and specifications to build 4 different size gazebos – 8′, 10′, 12′ and 14′.

You receive an instruction manual written in layman’s terms with step-by-step instructions with drawings and pictures. You are shown steps for cutting the timber, assembling the parts and erecting the gazebo.

You also receive templates, cutting and lumber lists as well as a CD Rom.

What I like about this kit though is that it gives you the basics for making your gazebo actually look like a gazebo. Included is a:

  • Rafter King Pin – Now I am by no means a builder of any sort so I had to go look this up and apparently it locks in the rafters. But then if you are planning to build your own gazebo I would think you would probably have some idea what it is.
  • Copper Rain Cap – This one is obvious…well to me it is. It covers the very top point of the gazebo to keep the rain out.
  • Redwood Finial Ball – This provides the finishing touch to the roof top of your gazebo.
  • 8 Deck Mounting Blocks – These allow you to mount your gazebo to the floor.
  • 8 Rafter Mounting Blocks – And these are for the rafters but to be quite honest I am not sure what they do exactly but I am sure someone out there will tell me.

This is not a beginners kit in the sense that if you can’t even saw a piece of timber you will suddenly become an expert but if you are a bit of a handyman or woman and can understand plans and specifications then you should be able to complete this project.

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Gazebo Kits
Design Your Own Outdoor Gazebo

Looking for the easiest way to design and build your outdoor gazebo then why not try our the Gazebo Design Wizard. Its simple to use and it lets you add and delete features until you are completely satisfied with the result.

Then you can purchase your gazebo kit and have it delivered to your door, or if you decide that building your own gazebo from scratch is a bit daunting then you can have your gazebo delivered, fully assembled.

Its obligation free and playing with the Gazebo Design Wizard will let you see exactly what your gazebo will look like when its erected.

Building The Perfect Gazebo: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide

This book is a step-by-step guide to building a gazebo. It actually provides advice on building your own gazebo from scratch including selecting a site, choosing materials and creating a layout. It also takes you through erecting the floor, posts and the roof and also which style to choose.

The book also contains step-by-step instructions for building one gazebo. The write up for this book states that it does this in ‘meticulous detail’.

From what I have read from others reviews on the internet this one gets 5 stars.

Get your own copy of Building The Perfect Gazebo: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide