What to Look For When Buying a Barzebo
Where to Get the Best Price


What the heck is a Barzebo? Simply put it’s a gazebo that has a bar built into it. Barzebos offer a great outdoor sitting area with the added luxury of a place to serve up some ice cold drinks.  You won’t have to worry about sitting out and getting baked in the sun with a barzebo! You’re kept cool and refreshed.

So what should you look for when trying to find a barzebo?  Read on for a handy dandy guide to barzebos.


A barzebo can be as elaborate as your wallet is thick. You can have one custom built in your back yard or head to a department store and pick up a collapsible plastic one.


What does a barzebo look like?  Once again style is up to you. You can find decorative metal ones that just look like an outdoor awning with a table bolted between two of the support legs. Or you can have a fully screened in unit with a bar area on one side and a guest area on the other.

In fact barzebos are meant to be portable. They typically refer to a collapsible piece of lawn furniture you can take with you. Imagine how much fun having one of these at the beach would be. You can set up and be making Mai Tai’s in no time.

Set Up

  • How does a barzebo set up? Simple!
  • Unfold the legs of the barzebo.
  • Stretch the roof, normally a type of tarp, between the legs.
  • Stand the entire unit up.
  • Attach the bar part between two of the barzebo legs.
  • Anchor the corners of the barzebo so any gusts of wind won’t blow it away.

All that’s left to do is bring in a few coolers filled with your favorite beverages and start serving drinks to friends and family.

Where to Find Barzebos Online

Barzebos are not that easy to find. Amazon regularly have them in stock but they go out of stock just as quickly. So if you see one in stock on Amazon and it is the one you are after then we suggest that you don’t think about it for too long.


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