Easy-build-square-gazeboIf you are thinking of putting a hot tub in your back yard you may wonder what is the wisest way to do it. You don’t want to be fishing a lot of leaves and bugs out of your hot tub every day. You may even want to have it look like a special outdoor room in your home. To this end you may want to choose a hot tub Gazebo to put your hot tub in.

There are different kinds of hot tub gazebos that you can choose from for your yard. Here is a look at the options:

  • Privacy – If you really want to feel like you can enjoy your hot tub time without anyone watching, you may want to look for a privacy hot tub gazebo to use in your home. This type of gazebo will completely enclose your hot tub and in many cases will also be dark enough in color that people cannot see in. Many of the enclosures have windows that can be tinted so you can see out, but people on the outside cannot see in.
  • Pavilion – If you don’t want a lot of privacy but would like protection form the sun and fallen leaves, you may want a pavilion gazebo to put over your hot tub. A Pavillion Gazebo has a roof and four corner pillars. The roof will keep the sun and leaves from getting in your way and still let you enjoy the nice air of the outdoors.
  • Open Air – An open-air gazebo would be a great way to accent your hot tub. Most open-air gazebos have a number of lattice panels that are used as a decorative way to dress up your pavilion. You can grow plants and vines along the panels to beautify your outdoor hot tub area.