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Garden Accessories – Pergolas Make An Ideal Addition To Your Backyard!

Spring is the time to get out some lawn chairs, a table as well and maybe a soft hammock is a nice way to give you a backyard space to sit or relax outdoors when the sun is shining, skies areblue and we can indulge in what we call ‘summer fun’. At the other end of the spectrum some choose to have stone fireplaces, water features, covered patio areas with expensive lawn furnishings and have really taken the idea of an outdoor room to the next level. There is however some middle ground that may suit your budget and needs while still affording you a defined space that adds charm and value to your landscaping. Accents in the way of garden structures like a wooden pergola can create a simple, very attractive outdoor space giving your garden a focal point and giving your setting an intimate feel.

Turn your back yard from a blank slate to a relaxed setting with a simple architectural highlights designed to suit the size and feel of your outdoor space. Garden structures like the pergola can be virtually any size and you can use some simple pergola plans to create one that will work beauitfully. There are no solid walls, but you are creating a feel by framing a space to give the feel of a cozy room. The wood frame will make a perfect brace if you decide to drape some attractive fabric from it, hang up blinds to block the intense sun, potted plants or hang a chandelier that holds tea lights or candles and have a dining area to enjoy. You can also take some material either opaque or translucent to put a roof on it to stop the rain, protect from the sun and still enjoy it on a drizzly day. With the cover on top, or even over a portion of it you can set up your grill to cook outdoors rain or shine. Add some more character by building in benches and a trellis to make the framework more defined and the lush leaves and flowers are like wallpaper provided by nature.

The pergola is a garden structure with an open frame that opens up possibilities to decorating, gardening and your design taste. The design and steps to build are quite simple and can be fairly inexpensive. This garden structure can work to connect your home with the back yard or if you choose it can also be a completely separate space all together. Adding climbing vines or soft fabrics will give you some diffused sunlight and really work to enhance that intimate setting. Convert that blank canvas of a yard simply and easily with the construction of a pergola, a garden structure that can serve to frame out that new family room in the back yard.

Sonoma Pergolas add Privacy and Practicality to a Garden Setting

What could possibly be more relaxing than sitting back sipping a cold beer, wine or just a soft drink after an exhausting day working. It doesn’t matter whether you go out to work or work at home both are equally taxing and so being able to sit outdoors for a few moments savoring the days end before starting the evening’s chores, is often a welcome relief.

And what better way to spend the time, in your own garden, under a stylish pergola.

Pergolas are available in many styles and types but my particular favorite is one that has the wall on one side that provides privacy and gives you protection from the elements .

Just look at the one pictured above, what a great place to entertain your family and friends.

The Sonoma Arched Cedar Pergola shown above has a covered in roof, but you can have a lattice shade roof if you want to grow vines, wisteria or have climbing roses trailing over the lattice work. Imagine growing grapes and being able to pick and eat them fresh of the vine when they are ready. The vines will eventually fill in the lattice work giving you natural protection from the elements.

Sonoma pergolas are made from white Cedar wood which is then dip stained before being precision cut. It is recommended that you re -stain your cedar pergola every 2 to 3 years.

There is a 1 year warranty on the exterior finish and a 3 year structural warranty on Sonoma pergolas.

The beautiful Redwood Finish pergola shown includes the anchor system and comes ready to assemble. Assembly requires 2 people with moderate ability. The 4 panel window privacy screen is an optional extra, but well worth the money to give your pergola that cozy, private feel.

And the Redwood Finish Stucco Bases (2 per carton) add a style and elegance to the overall Pergola design.

This is one pergola that is going to get you plenty of compliments.