The sun is shining, the heady scent from the floral decorations and the surrounding gardens fill the air; satin, lace and ribbons adorn the chairs and  the signing table and the white wedding arch is complete with garlands of flowers and ribbon.  All that remains is for the wedding party to arrive.

Many couples these days decide to get married a garden setting albeit a public area or in the garden at home, its becoming a delightful tradition.  And what could be a better finishing touch than a decorated, white wedding arch. It’s the perfect touch to a garden setting.

There stands the celebrant, the bride and the groom framed by a structure festooned with sweet smelling flowers and dressed to compliment the wedding party.

Wedding arches come in a range of styles from a solid structure that becomes a permanent feature of the garden, to a more whimsical design of lights and lace that can be removed after the ceremony.

Whatever your choice we present a wide range of wedding arches for you to consider when choosing a the right style, material and design for your big day.


Livingstone Vinyl Arch

Eden Arbors Livingston Vinyl Arch Arbor

London Vinyl Arch

Eden Arbors London Vinyl Arch Arbor

 Westchester Vinyl Arch

New England Arbors Westchester Vinyl Arch Arbor

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 Rosebud Vinyl Arch

Dura-Trel Rosebud Vinyl Arch Arbor 3ft

H. Potter  Garden Metal Arch 

H. Potter Large Garden Metal Arch Arbor

Dura-Trel Somerset Vinyl Arch 

Dura-Trel Somerset Vinyl Arch Arbor

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Wilton Lighted Garland



 Gazebo Beautiful Wedding Drapes


Madison Arbor

white arbor